A Mirror Of Life

Art, Photography, Video-art and Design have come into my life and i chose to use them as forms of telling stories, secrets, to show things unseen and to tell things unheard. I wish that it may reach you and tell you something, that you may see something. Maybe deeper, maybe better. But first and foremost i wish you that you might enjoy these works.

-Falk Kastell-

Ignas R. shot by Falk Kastell, for VNY Models.


What a beautiful young man.

Jonas F. by Falk Kastell

Artwork by A. Kipfmueller, Photography by me, Falk Kastell :)

Charlotte by Falk Kastell


These are three of my Iceland impressions. I am deeply in love with the spirit of that country.

KUBA - Photobook

Support the work about these amazing people and this country.

My latest series of paintings and details thereof. http://www.saatchionline.com/FalkKastell

Thorben Gartner by Falk Kastell

Artist Falk Kastell

Saatchi Online profile.

Jonas Fischer by Falk Kastell

Brits and pieces. Isaac Carew, Tom Webb, Aston Harrison Taylor by Falk Kastell.  line-light.com


Gerhard Freidl by Falk Kastell

My lastest drawings from Paris.

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